* The Flat Panel X-Ray illuminator design is truly
an innovation.
* It uses LED Light Source with Isometric Dot-Matrix
Layout which results in High Luminance and Uniformity.
* Slim film illuminator only 45mm thick compared to
5”-6” thickness of normal X-Ray Illuminator.
* High Brightness of over 4000cd/m2 – Adjustable
Brightness by Digital Regulator.
* Blue light is more suited to X-Ray, MRI, CT Scan
and other Films.
* The Illuminator uses the latest LED Light Source which
emits an 9,600 Kelvin color temperature.
* This produces a blue-type light more suitable for reading
black and white x-ray films.
* Greatly reduced eye-fatigue due to High Frequency
LED’s of over 50kHz.
* Adapted with advanced clipping device which features
AUTOMATIC ON/OFF which turns on the illuminator
when the film is inserted.

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LED X-Ray Film Viewer Single (One Panel).
Dimensions : 35 cm x 43 cm

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